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Breast Education

Get to know, love and care for your breasts. This page is your one-stop shop for all things breast health. Whether you're looking for information about breast anatomy, ways to keep your breasts in the best of health or common concerns, we've got you covered. We believe knowledge is empowering, take the health of your breasts into your own hands. 

All About Breasts

Use this page to get a clearer understanding of breast anatomy

Learn about this vital part of the immune system

The developments that occur
through all stages of life

Nurturing your breastfeeding journey; preparation & support 

Changes that occur through the ebb and flow of monthly cycles

Breast Care

Learn to aid your lymphatic system with dry brushing

Learn how to massage your breast with Stephanie Hazel

What does it really mean to love your breasts

The words you speak, the tones you use can alter your day

Explore what scars are and the importance of scar massage

Get to know our founder and her breast story

Affirmations and the mindful ritual of tea

Learn about the importance of iodine

Learn about nutrition with clinical nutritionist Toni Chambers

A herbalists approach to breast health with Tamara Welsh

On how to reduce your risk of breast cancer

Get to know, love and care for your breasts

Breast Health

Learn about causes of breast pain and to manage them

The causes of breast cyst and when to see someone

On mastitis and the ways in which to prevent it

On breast cancer with Marnie Clark - breast cancer coach

The causes of nipple discharge and itchiness

Learn all about fibrocystic breast changes

On lymphoedema with practitioner Amanda Da-Silva

A deep dive into breast lumps and what to do

Learn about the various types of fibroenomas

Causes and symptoms of duct ectasia and how to treat

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