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When you have completed your Dry Skin Brushing and shower (you don't have to shower if you're short on time)

you are now ready to massage Happy Breast Balm into your breasts.
Shake the bottle really well
Pump a little into the palm of your hand and rub hands together
Now massage into your breasts using your intuition ~ massage in circles, gently knead and stroke your breasts

using varying amounts of mild to moderate pressure. Stroke toward the armpit and 

apply gentle lifting and compression movements.

During the massage take a moment to be mindful and give affirming attention to your health, wellbeing and self love. Visit the next two steps of the Complete Ultimate Breast Care to learn more about

Loving Your Breasts and Daily Gratitude.
Continue until the balm is absorbed.

A woman has skincare on her neck..jpg
Bright blue old school video camera

Check back here soon, we're creating

a fun instructional video

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