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Love Your Breasts

Here at Natural Breast Care we are on a mission to inspire women to really get to know and love their breasts... but what does that really mean?

For too long women have lived with stigma and taboos regarding their bodies. They have been primed and conditioned by the media, Hollywood, fashion and cosmetic industries to look, dress and behave in certain ways. They have been bombarded by "fear campaigns" to check regularly for breast lumps delivered with an undercurrent of what can only be described as frightening imagery and words. These campaigns do nothing to support the wellbeing of a woman on all other levels - emotional, mental and spiritual.  And we know from talking to countless women, Doctors and Healers that   dis-ease generates not only from within the physical body but from an imbalance of all these aspects combined.


It is time for women to reclaim their authentic selves, to be 100% true to themselves, to accept their bodies as they are ~ perfectly developed for their human experience. No need for silicone, underwire push up bras, corsets or strapping unless that is something that 100% feels necessary and perfect for your authentic life. No need to hide, expose, ignore, avoid or excuse your breast tissue for anyone else and their agendas. Time to lovingly touch, massage and embrace your own body and breasts, not in fear and panic of searching for a lump, but to nurture, nourish and heal through loving touch.

Where attention goes, energy flows

Feeling a Little Bit Stuck?

Did you read the above paragraph and think "YES!   But how?".

We get it ~ generational trauma, personal dogma, societal pressures, the list goes on. These things are not so simple to just shake off and stride boldly forwards toward a bright new, boob shaking, future.

So where do we start?

With a daily practice.

Start by setting an intention that, with no pressure or judgement, you will practice sending loving thoughts, words and intentions to your boobs daily for 21 days. Mark your calendar off and commit to this self~care practice. If you fall off the schedule, don't beat yourself up just reset your calendar and start again from day one. Your aim is to perform this daily practice for 21 days straight, it then becomes a habit like brushing your teeth or making your morning cuppa. You could take it a step further and perform the entire Breast Care Routine for the 21 days, it only takes a few minutes!
As time goes by you may start to discover some big fond feelings for your boobies. After all it's hard not to fall in love with something that is getting daily love and attention and bringing you such nurturing.

Still Need Some Help?

We all need a little help from time to time. There are thousands of reasons why falling deeply in love with yourself and your body can be a challenge. Every one of us are unique and our unique life experiences truly do shape our thoughts and feelings.
If you are looking for some additional support, you might find it helpful to explore some of these modalities (listed in no particular order). Remember the key to
any personal growth endeavour is to be loving and kind to yourself in the process. Change cannot be forced, it comes about when the body, mind and soul feels safe and ready to take the next step... and therein lies the reward.

breath work
mace energy method
family constellations therapy
cognitive behavioural therapy
nero-linguistic programming (NLP)
acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

WOW there is so much available hey? You may find something else that suits you. We'd love to hear how you go, we're always active on our socials at Facebook and Instagram (feel free to message us privately, we're here to listen).

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